i am a reluctant immunology student at the university of dundee, hoping to make it big by writing an educational science musical for kids.
this summer i am participating in the walt disney world icp program, and am here to provide an alternative view from the usual 'pixie dusters' you find on tumblr.

right, i’m sorry, but pin trading is literally the most stupid fucking thing i’ve ever heard of. “BEFORE I GO TO DISNEYLAND I’M GOING TO BUY LOADS OF SHITTY BADGES SO I CAN TRADE THEM WITH OTHER PEOPLE” - what are you, twelve?

new sweater in at topshop by illustrated people - absolutely added to my list of must-buys.

new sweater in at topshop by illustrated people - absolutely added to my list of must-buys.

guineas in hats. 

science musical

after spending a whole day in the library trying to learn the TCA cycle and ending up doing fuck all other than ordering a curry and sitting in the cafe for ages with my pals making my way through it, i decided to leave and have a wee think about the science musical.

although it’s a very, very basic idea, and i am in no way expecting this to happen - it’s nice to have a dream and think about how i’m going to make this happen. 

so i was watching ‘horrible histories’ on cbbc the other day (yeah i’m almost 20, so fucking what) and i think that doing something like that, but with science songs and sketches is exactly what i want. it would be amazing if i could get it on the bbc, and then if it becomes popular enough take it on a tour. 

i have never had an idea like this that i’ve wanted to persue so much, and i am determined to make it happen. and the way i’m going to do that is stick it out for 2 more years in the degree that i hate, keep getting show and tv experience, next summer applying for a bbc internship, then hopefully, when i graduate with my honours, gaining a place on the science communication masters at imperial college london. woo. #lifeplans

absolutely requesting these for my birthday after discovering my love for ralphy. i’m gonna have the swaggiest bedsheets in all of florida. 

absolutely requesting these for my birthday after discovering my love for ralphy. i’m gonna have the swaggiest bedsheets in all of florida. 

so, to get into the disney spirit (as to be honest, i feel like a massive fucking grinch compared to most people on the icp facebook page) i decided to get myself caught up on some of disney’s new releases that i’d not bothered to watch because - here it comes kids… - I AM NOT A MASSIVE DISNEY FAN. ‘whuuuut???? why on earth do you want to work at disney world for your whole summer then?’ - um, maybe because it’s an amazing experience and will look to notch on my CV. 

anyway, i got sidetracked. yeah so i watched ‘tangled’, ‘brave’ and ‘wreck it ralph’ and here is what i thought.

tangled - loveeeeeddd it. i LOVE musicals so it ticked that box for me already, zachary levi is a god among men and pascal the chamelion was just the cutest thing i’ve ever laid eyes upon. also the ‘witch/mother’ character was excellent. overall very good film. maximus the horse kinda pissed me off a bit but i could deal with him because the rest was so good. my boyfriend also loved this film, and swooned with me each time pascal came on screen.

brave - shyyyyyyyyyte. so annoyingly scottish. and because i am scottish it’s ok for me to say that. it was a very typical american representation of what they want scotland to be, which is utter bullshit. also all the accents sounded fake and overexaggerated even though they were played by scottish actors which confused me. it was a nice story but i just thought the whole thing was unnecessary. and the whole fact that SNP leader alex salmond used it to shamelessly promote scottish independance makes me want to gouge out my eye and use it to choke him.

wreck it ralph - as a semi-gamer (not going to refer to myself as a gamer girl because i fucking hate when girls lable themselves as that to be quirky, but i do enjoy the bioshocks, assasins creeds, halo, along with classics like spyro and crash bandicoot.) this was perfect for me. i loved how they included loads of baddies from actual games, great touch. i spend most of the film thinking ralph was voiced by seth rogan but it was actually mr cellophane from chicago (name, anyone?) but he was very good. i also thought jane lynch was going to be really annoying but i liked her too. i didn’t actually make it to the end of the film as filenuke was misbehaving but i will defs go back and watch it. 

huh, i appear to be the only person doing the disney icp that isn’t going travelling around america afterwards. 

these are my reasons

  • i am very poor and don’t want to spend more money.
  • after three months i’ll miss john so much that i’ll be constantly in tears.  
  • i don’t know anyone who’s going so don’t want to commit to 2 weeks of travelling with people i may hate in real life. 
  • again - i am poor. i am a student. i would rather eat nice meals and stay out of my overdraft.
what i want.

what i want.


my first thought is, how openly can i bitch on here?  not that i’m planning on being a massive arsehole but is a blog not somewhat like a diary? i think i will be quite open.

generic first post

oh hey reader. so i’ve been meaning to do this for a while. i’m not going to share this blog but when people inevitably find it, i don’t think i’ll mind.  

i guess this will eventually become a very disney themed blog (i’m jetting off to work at disney world in florida next summer) and that is probably the main purpose of it but i’ll post about other stuff too.

i haven’t thought of a hip enough title yet. i’m clearly not creative enough for this shit.

that’s all for now x